Against Single Use Plastic

As a team made up of surfers, we can see first-hand the devastating impact single use plastic is having on our planet and especially our oceans. Many of you will have seen recent high-profile documentaries, social media campaigns or articles in the media, which have raised awareness on the issue and brought it to the forefront of people’s minds.
At Wine Tours Lanzarote, we strive to offer a top-class activity and service and up until now we have provided water in single use 500ml bottles, many of which get left unfinished. We have been somewhat reluctant to stop providing individual bottles of water, as while we don´t advertise providing it, we do think it could detract from our level of service. However, as from today, we will no longer provide these water bottles as standard. Instead, we will ask clients to bring water with them, preferably in a re-usable bottle. If water is required, we will issue a top-up from water carried on the minibus.
For us as a company, this will be a cost saving and with that, we will be donating this to two ocean clean-up and awareness charities on a monthly basis. We very much believe that this is both a global and a local issue and until we end our dependence on single use plastic, or find a sustainable alternative, we will have to clean our oceans and educate and raise awareness of the problem, globally. The three charities we have selected, focus specifically on these issues.

The Ocean Clean Up

This is an exciting and early stage project to clean up our oceans, so called, garbage patches.  This was the brainchild of a then 16-year-old, Boyan Slat´s vision in 2013.  On 3rd October 2018 the first system was towed into place in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  You can follow the project via social media and

Plastic Oceans

Educates globally, people of all ages and social situations, about the perception that plastic can be treated as “disposable”.  The goal is to inspire people to act, in order to prevent plastic waste from entering our environment.  You can learn more about Plastic Oceans here or watch the hard-hitting documentary film, “A Plastic Ocean” on Netflix.

Lanzarote (and at home!)

Lanzarote Limpia

We can each make a difference on Lanzarote too.  Everyone can make small, easy changes to reduce their daily plastic usage.

You can find some ideas here:

We can also ensure that we recycle all of the plastic we do use, including the initiative of collecting bottle caps.  You can find out more information here:

We will also be promoting and getting involved with the regular beach cleans run by Lanzarote Limpia:

We hope you will all join us in this cause in your own little way.

The Wine Tours Lanzarote Team

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